Saturday, February 27

Wednesday, February 24

Creature Comforts

Hello everyone! Another minor change-up on the blog today. In recent weeks I've sort of felt a bit stuck with my cartoony style and felt like doing a few more realistic drawings.

Monday, February 22

Top Tips for a Happy Life #4

Hello everyone! Here is last week's 'Top Tip', just one day late. I'm sure you can forgive me. I went home for a bit last week and was without my laptop the whole time.

Saturday, February 13

Top Tips for a Happy Life #3

Hello everyone! Today's 'Top Tip' is in the form of some words of wisdom from Van Gogh; "One must spoil as many canvases as one succeeds with". For me this quote is really about accepting failure as a step on the path to success, not a stopping block.

Wednesday, February 10

Valentine's Tunes

Hey everybody! Today's post is one that I used to do all the time-- a mixtape! With Valentine's Day just around the corner,  you know that it would be unlike me to let a holiday go by without doing a hundred posts about it first. This mixtape was inspired by a great one I found on ohhappyday. There's a bit of The Killers, Lianne La Havas, Mystery Jets and more. Click through to see what's going on and to listen! 

Monday, February 8

Valentines Vibes

Untitled #143
Morning everyone! Can we all just breathe a sigh of relief that it's February? Doesn't january seem like a hundred years ago? Praise hallelujah, let's keep those first-month blues locked in a box until next year please. If you've been following my blog or instagram for a long time then you'll already know that I tend to get carried away around 'holidays' and celebrate beyond the normal amount. Well, in typical Steph style-- here's a Valentine's post!

Saturday, February 6

Top Tips for a Happy Life #2

Hello everyone! This week's 'Top Tip for a Happy Life' comes in the form of a quote from Mark Twain: "The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer someone else up". Isn't that just the truth?

Friday, February 5

February Reading List

Hello everyone! I've said it before and I'll say it again-- there's nearly no point in me saying "here's something a bit different today" because almost every post I do is completely different. That being said, this is a post I've only done once before and thought might be nice to bring back-- my reading list!

Monday, February 1

January Faves

Hello everyone! I thought I would just do a little doodle of my favourites this month. Generally speaking, January has been cold, wet, and dreary and so I've been turning to a few well-loved pick-me-ups to get me through.