Friday, January 29

January Wishlist

Hi everyone! Long time no see, I have a wishlist post for you today. It feels to me like I'm in one of those ruts where I just have nothing to wear, hate my clothes, and feel like I want a reinvention (speaking of which... the blog has had a makeover! Thoughts on a postcard).

This week, my wishlist is generally pretty neutral, pretty tame, I'm sort of into golds and blush colours at the moment for no particular reason. I think when you're bundled up in ten layers and a scarf you sort of tend to lose all form and prettiness, so I reckon that could be the logic behind my girly picks this month.

Despite it being ice cold outside, lately I've been really drawn to sunglasses. I fell in love with these Prada ones  and have been looking everywhere for a dupe. So far, no luck, but it is January which arguably isn't peak sunglass season so I figure it's fair enough.

As for the vase, I've been doing up the bedroom in recent weeks and have been really drawn to gold accents around and about. I very nearly snapped and impulse bought this the other day, after weeks of having it saved in a tab, until I realised at the last minute the small print which stated 'not to be used to hold water'. What's the good in that? Click, delete. Still pretty though.

Clothes are just something of a softer touch this month, a chance for me to feel a little bit feminine despite mud and wax-stained boots and size 14-15 coat that I have to wear every day as it's the only one I have that has a hood for walking everywhere. I'm ready for spring now, please. I even bought daffodils-- which died well before the 5-day guarantee, but what can you do.

Overall, I think this month's wishlist is reflective of the fact that I'm bloody hating on winter and ready to leave the house without having to wear all my clothes at once. That is the dream right now.

until next time,


Weekday T-shirt / Fairy Drops Mascara / Mango Jumper / Asos Trench Coat / Prada Sunglasses / OPI 'Let's be friends Nail Polish' / West Elm Vase / Urban Outfitters 'You're A Peach' T-shirt

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