Sunday, January 17

Daisy Ridley / Rey

Hi everyone! This week's edition of What I'm Watching is one that is slightly delayed. I actually saw the new Star Wars when it first came out but never got around to talking about it.

I come from a big 'ol family of Star Wars fans and so we got tickets for opening night. Personally, I loved the new one and thought it had a ton of old-timey Star Wars charm. That being said, I would say I'm in the minority that actually liked the prequels (mostly Revenge of the Sith though... I can't vouch for Attack of the Clones. Sorry all.)

Personally, I would love to go and see it again before it goes out of the cinema. My love was reignited when I was watching the Star Wars special of Graham Norton on catch up. Who knew Carrie Fisher had such a wicked sense of humour, what a babe. That being said, I think Daisy and John are amazing and have me really excited for the next few movies. Who knows, maybe there'll be more Star Wars doodles to come!

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