Friday, January 1

2015 - 12 Months in 12 Photos

Happy New Year! I'm back with another 12 Months in 12 Photos post after I did one last year.

2015 was definitely a very difficult year for me, but it was peppered with great moments in between the bad. Hopefully 2016 will have many more good moments ahead-- I guess I'll have to wait and see!

January: Telling myself I could enjoy running (I can't) / February: Snow at last / March: Poffertjes with my sister / April: Starting to draw again / May: My birthday day out with Sam / June: Visiting Bath / July: Goring Beach / August: Cutting off all my hair / September: Meeting Fran with Alex / October: Anniversary in the woods / November: Sam's 25th / December: Catching up with long-lost friends and family

See you in 2016 :)


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