Wednesday, December 9

November Favourites

Hello everyone! I decided to draw my favourites this month.

I have been wanting to practise using my watercolours again for months, and finally got around to using them this November, so watercolours are currently favourite number one.

Favourite number two, oddly enough, is Mog. Sam's mum came around one day with half a dozen mog toys for no discernable reason and we've grown strangely attached to them. Their eyes follow you across the room.

Number three is the new Adel album, which you would already know if you have seen my Adele post from a few weeks ago (I still have the same cold I was moaning about then). I tend to get bored of my iTunes every few weeks but at the moment I am still in the throes of passion with '25' and so that makes it a winner in my book.

Next favourite is one that ended recently, 'I'm A Celebrity'. I rarely get to watch shows as they're on live as I'm always at work, but actually managed to see quite a lot of this series and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm still slightly sad that Spencer left after one day as I was intrigued to see what he would have been like without the big MIC set up behind him. I also loved the slightly (putting it politely) mad Lady C, and would have put money on her winning if she hadn't left on 'medical grounds'.

Last fave but not least, somebody in the house recently brought in the new Jurassic World DVD and I've just been loving it. It's one of those movies that totally takes you away. I actually wound up seeing it multiple times in the cinema as every time I told someone I had seen it, they wanted to go too.

Anyway, a bit of a mixed bag this month with no real beauty faves (I've gone back to my one-time Holy Grail foundation, Bourjois Healthy Mix, but I'm not sure if it's the culprit for my breakouts so I'm not commending it just yet). I'm really busy and this month and so far very poorly so I think December favourites will probably be a bit few and far between (aside from Christmas things, of course).

Anyway, I'll be seeing you soon,

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