Wednesday, December 9

A Quarter of a Century

Adele wasn't the only person to commemorate turning twenty-five this year-- it was Sam's birthday too!

To celebrate, we went away with his friends and rented a huge country cottage for the weekend.

Sam asked me to cook over the weekend, and so I did my best to accommodate everyone.

The first night we got there just as it was getting dark, so I quickly set up the table and got cooking.
It was fish tacos as the main, with a load of salads to cater to the people with special dietary requirements.

It was a long journey for everyone, so we didn't stay up too late and instead went to bed.

Fortunately, we got the best bedroom (birthday privileges).

With the ensuite of my dreams.

Anyway, the next morning it was back to business.

By business I do mean, a quick breakfast and walk to the pub.

Not long after, it was home again jiggity jig, and then time for me to crack on with dinner again (cooking for eleven people takes time!)

This night we had Chilli, but the real star of the night was Jenny's cocktails (and Bob's garlic bread).

^ Seconds from disaster, I knocked both of these drinks over immediately.

As we got good and merry, Jenny and I whipped out another treat we'd been working on-- a Selfie Station, complete with selfie sticks and props.

There are about 2000 photos on my phone from this time, as someone left it on the burst setting by mistake and no one knew how to turn it off.

After, it was a round or two of 'I Have Never' and off to bed.

The next day was Sam's birthday!

He had been saying for weeks that he was desperate for a roast, and being very bad with time management I left his meal for his friends Jack and Gem to sort.

I made myself busy having a clear up and setting the table.

^ Bucks Fizz, the drink of choice for 80s partygoers everywhere 

Before long, it was time for lunch.

And then dessert!

Happy Birthday Sam!

Sam is now officially in the 'Overs' category on X Factor.

Until next time,

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  1. Holy moly. This looked like an amazing trip! You also put MY cake to shame. Yours looks frigging incredible!!! Happy Birthday Sam! X Bo