Wednesday, December 30

Season's Greetings

Hello everyone! I just wanted to do a quick post, before tomorrow night when everybody is getting New Year ready, to say I hope you all had a happy Christmas.

Sunday, December 20

Lianne La Havas

Hello everyone! Another artist inspired drawing today. I recently was invited to Brixton with a friend to go and see Lianne La Havas, who was amazing.

Tuesday, December 15

The Best of Vlogmas 2015

Hello everyone! I distinctly remember writing a 'Best of Vlogmas' post last year, after which my good friend Alex went on to discover Essie Button, who we then wound up partying with this year. I figure it's well worth following up with karma like that!

Wednesday, December 9

November Favourites

Hello everyone! I decided to draw my favourites this month.

A Quarter of a Century

Adele wasn't the only person to commemorate turning twenty-five this year-- it was Sam's birthday too!