Sunday, November 15

Water Lane Coffeehouse

Hello everyone! Sam and I recently revised our old Alma Mater-- beautiful old Canterbury Town.

Neither of us had been back since we graduated last year and I've been missing it like mad. It was our second anniversary recently, and it's funny to think how much has changed since we met each other there two years ago.

We decided to visit one of my old haunts, a coffee shop down Water Lane. I used to know it as Browns, but it's called Water Lane Coffeehouse now.

It's in the perfect spot-- two minutes from the town centre, but nestled between old stone buildings down a quiet road astride the river.

The perfect spot to take in some of Canterbury's pretty architecture.

And feed a few friendly ducks.

I used to go with some friends from my course. A quaint coffeehouse next to postcard perfect scenery? As English students we could hardly resist. One of my lecturers even works there on the side. He taught Post Modernism, one of the best courses I remember taking, just in case you wondered.

We used to visit after our 9am lectures on the rare Tuesdays we were all organised enough to have finished our assignments and have some free time. The grass is always greener, isn't it? I was miserable most of the time I was at Uni, but looking back I had more good times than bad.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my little trip down memory lane. Make sure you visit if you in the area, it's the best place to grab a coffee and steal away for a few hours. Just make sure you bring a good book.

Water Lane Coffee, Canterbury

Until next time,

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