Wednesday, November 18

Drawing / First Aid Kit

Hi everyone :) Today I have been starting to get ready for Christmas, and to help get me in a good mood I've been listening to one of my favourite bands-- First Aid Kit!

As it gets colder, I find myself listening to music as company when it gets dark outside. I recently downloaded First Aid Kit's Stay Gold album and have found myself gravitating towards it constantly.

My favourite song at the minute is Stay Gold, but I also love Silver Lining, Lion's Roar, and Master Pretender. Definitely give them a listen if you're looking for something to warm the cockles of your heart. Nothing beats the blues like music you love, and this album feels like wrapping up in a fuzzy blanket with a hot cup of tea. Snoozy old dog at the ground beneath your feet and fireworks in the sky above. Perfect :)

Go and improve your life by listening to them on youtube.

Until next time,


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