Monday, November 30

Xmas Wish List 2015

Hello everyone! Last year when I made a Christmas wishlist post it stayed locked at the top of my 'popular posts' widget for the whole of December, which led me to believe that a fair few family members were probably getting good use out of it. I've been getting a few hints this year that some people might want some help with ideas, so I made a new list for family (and Sam) who might be floundering.

Saturday, November 21

Drawing / Adele

Hello everyone! I've been feeling a bit poorly lately, so have been wrapped up warm catching up on iPlayer. Today I watched last night's 'Adele at the BBC' program, which I thought would might lead to a nice addition to my 'What I'm Watching' series.

Wednesday, November 18

Drawing / First Aid Kit

Hi everyone :) Today I have been starting to get ready for Christmas, and to help get me in a good mood I've been listening to one of my favourite bands-- First Aid Kit!

Sunday, November 15

Water Lane Coffeehouse

Hello everyone! Sam and I recently revised our old Alma Mater-- beautiful old Canterbury Town.

Thursday, November 12

The Balmain x H&M Launch Party

Hello everyone! I promised myself I wouldn't start another blog post with 'here's something a little bit different' again, but, well... This is a little bit unusual. For recent times at least!