Thursday, October 22

Into The Woods

Hello everyone! Today's post is about what Sam and I got up to for our anniversary this year. After last year's spa retreat, we decided to go completely the opposite direction-- into the wilderness for an adventure!

This year we wanted to do something a little bit different, and so we decided to go to Adhurst for a bit of Autumnal glamping.

 Our yurt was pretty modestly furnished with just a bed, shelf, and log burner to fill the eaves.

That being said, it was all we really needed.

It even had a kitchen! Al fresco, of course.

It came fully stocked with every utensil we might want.

It even had a kettle (not that I remembered coffee, having only booked the yurt the night before).

To reach the camp site, a bit of a stroll through the woods was required. No map could help us here.

Fortunately, the road was pretty straightforward.

The site was completely empty aside from one of the cottages way in the distance, so we had the whole place to ourselves.

And there was a lot of 'place' to have!

After dropping down our bags, we quickly got down to business-- cooking dinner and getting a fire started, I mean.

Sam went for logs.

I went for hobs!

Watching from safe distance, of course.

Before long, it was pitch dark, so we were grateful for the fire that Sam had so diligently lit.

It came in handy for Marshmallows too.

After that, the cold winter air all got a bit much and so we retreated into our little home for the night.

The next morning, we were up bright and early.

After a quick bite to eat, we were off and out into the woods for an explore!

We headed off down the path to see what we could see.

Rather a lot of trees, if you can believe that.

But also, a teepee.

Hundreds of little conkers still tucked in their husks.

Mushrooms nestled in the crook of a tree..

And before long just around the corner...

Just a bit further in...

We found the river!

After a good while longer we headed back towards camp.

And found the other walking route on the grounds, through 'The Tunnel of Love'.

Here we found more conkers,

And a Zip Wire!

After this, we figured our little adventure had come to it's end and it was time to collect our souvenirs and head home.

And so we went off down the motorway with chilly fingers and pockets full of conkers. Until next year.

Same again, Sam?

Love, Steph.

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