Sunday, September 6

Meeting Estée & Fran!

Hello everyone! My best friend Alex and I recently had a marvellous time and got to meet some of our favourite people, thanks to Essie Button and her #thanksmillion million subscriber bash!

After accidentally sending nearly identical applications following Estée's announcement video, Alex and I were very happy to hear that Alex had been selected (with a plus one, i.e. me) to attend the party Estée was hosting in celebration of reaching one million subscribers on youtube.

Not being ladies that like to do things by halves, we decided to start the day in true Estée style and head to Hammersmith for a Bokit!

In an ancient vlog Fran and Estée venture out for something savoury to eat and wind up at the Bokit'La stall at Oval. We thought they looked pretty amazing so wanted to try one for ourselves.

The verdict?

I mean, it's a strong yes.

We also had a brownie from Olivier's, for good measure. 

Not being from London, we thought we might as well take in a few sights and so visited the Charles Pétillon 'Heartbeat' installation in Covent Garden.

For just a few short weeks, the pop-up art piece fills the central piazza of Covent Garden with 100,000 white balloons.

The balloons come in all different shapes and sizes, and build to one giant floating hub-- representative of Covent Garden itself, the beating heart of the area, says Pétillon.

After a skip and a jump to Chelsea for a snoop and a shop in Kate Spade, we were off to Estée's party, hosted at Raw Duck in Hackney.

We brought a little card to say thank you, and after a quick drink at the bar and a chat with Estée's boyfriend Aslan (who was very funny and friendly) we sat down in our seats. Luckily enough, we were sat next to some very lovely youtubers including Sanne from Books and Quills and The Original Youtuber™ himself, Charlie Mcdonnell.

The venue featured long wooden tables all lined up with some crafty bits ready for us all to use.  

Before we got stuck in, Estée did a very sweet and heartfelt speech thanking everybody for coming and thanking her subscribers. We were sat right at the front and didn't want to stick a camera too much in her face, but fortunately the very very lovely Fran from Frannerd was on the job shooting away.

After that, we were introduced to our workstation by the lovely ladies at The Workbench. Our task for the evening was to whittle away at a block of jewellers wax and design our own rings, which would be sent off and cast in silver at a later date.

This was by no means an easy process, but fortunately Raw Duck had catered brilliantly and provided  tons of food to be nibbled on during the evening.

As the night went on, Estée floated around a made sure to have a good chat with everybody. Estée is the only youtuber that Alex particularly loves and so we grabbed the chance to talk whenever we could. She was very lovely and and happy to hear which videos we liked and had been watching.

She took a few polaroids with everybody as a momento, and was never too far away for a chat.  She even kindly left a message for my little sister Ellie, who was home on her birthday as wishing she could have come. 

In the good few hours we had spent carving, Alex had struck up a friendship with Sanne, sat next to her, and they started to have a little chat about Fran. For my birthday this year, Alex bought me Fran's travel journal, 'Perfect Tree Shapes' as a gift, knowing that I was a massive Fran fan.

Hearing this, Sanne mentioned that she had spoken to Fran in the past and was happy to call her over for a chat. With Alex having had her moment with Estée, I was having a major starry eyed moment at the thought that I might be able to meet Fran, who readers of my blog will know I love.

Luckily for me, I had Alex there to help keep things together. I think we may have been one of the few people to talk to her that night (as she was very busy) and she seemed very happy to speak to us. We had a chat about her new life since moving to London (she said the word 'commute' had become an irreplaceable part of her vocabulary) and told her about how much we loved her book. We took a few pictures before she had to run off and continue filming, and we got back to whittling with a bit of spring in our step.

Before long, the evening was winding down and it was time to head off home. We grabbed a goodie bag on the way out (following a brief chat with Amelia Liana en route) and began the journey home.

We had a good rummage on the train and took in all the treats-- thanks Estée!

Personally, I know we both had an amazing evening and felt very fortunate to be invited. I can't wait to see Estée's video of the event when it goes live, and we'll be working hard trying to spot ourselves in the video.

Congratulations have to go out to Estée for reaching one million-- so here's hoping there's another million more to come, and hopefully another party to boot!

Until next time,

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