Saturday, September 5

Drawing / Wuthering Heights

Hello everyone :) The other day I walking home in the withering wind and rain and feeling a bit woebegone. Kate Bush was playing in my head, people. It was depressing. I got home and treated myself to a hot bath, cosy dressing gown #ootd and an old black and white movie. The black and white movie of my uni days... Wuthering Heights.

If you've been following my 'What I'm Watching' series, you'll already know why I watched this movie. I'll call it a supplement to my education and leave it at that. Either way, no one can watch Laurence Olivier in action as Heathcliff on the moors and not be a little bit enthralled. One thing that really shocked me when I first read the novel is how little Catherine actually features in the novel, especially in relation to Heathcliff. I always thought it was one of those sweeping historical romances where the love story is central to the novel. As it turns out, nope, it's mostly angst. Angst and rain, which I can relate to.

Anyway, I tried something a bit different with this one. Let me know what you think.

Until next time,

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