Saturday, August 29

Drawing / Jane Eyre

Hello everyone! I have another little illustration for you today. It's spooky to think that this time last year I would have been fresh out of uni. At the time I loathed the experience, but nostalgia always has a way of glossing over the bad bits, which has given me a fresh hankering for the classics. This week, it was Jane Eyre! A book a read with great disdain at the time.

I can remember sitting on the couch at my mum's house in my second year, eyes bulging out my skull with exhaustion, trying to force myself to turn the pages of this bloody behemoth novel so I could write an essay on it (the subject, misogyny vs misandry in the novel, in case you wondered). There was a point though, as there often was, where I frankly had to give up. That being said, I still had an essay to write, and granted, it was my fault for not picking up the book until two days before the essay was due. 

Regardless, it was at this point when I turned to youtube-- I figured I could better get the crux of the plot in a few hour long episodes rather than from the amount I could read in the same amount of time. 

Since that initial reading, I have since read the novel again-- the year after, when doing dissertation prep (even I couldn't justify putting that off). The second time around, I found myself enjoying it a lot more, for the obvious reason that I didn't have to try and read it in a six hour window. My favourite part of the novel is still the stupid Grace Pool plot line. No spoilers (even though if you're old enough to be able to read, you're probably old enough to know the ending to this book), but the Jane vs Grace scenes still elicit a bit of chuckle. I suffered for this book.... any small joy.

Anyway, if I've given you a hankering for Jane Eyre, all the episodes are on youtube. This was doodled during episode 1, which I why there isn't a lot of Rochester going on. I started watching Pride & Prejudice last week too so there may be a continuation in the series-- who knows??

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