Monday, July 27

This Week's Wants

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Happy monday everyone! I'm not a shopaholic, I swear, but I do see a lot of pretty things.

I also find that looking at nice things at the start of the week motivates me to work through to the weekend, when I can look at spending some money. It's nearly payday after all!

Despite it being July, I think we can all agree that the Great British weather has been absolutely useless so far. This has got me looking onwards to the more autumnal months when the evenings draw in.

I bought some boots from Topshop with my birthday money back in May, but I've been wearing them to work and sadly they're facing the end of their life already. These Topshop 'Bardot' boots are right up my street with their pointed toe and little heel, so they would be my ideal replacement.

Equally, I finally caved into the Kylie Jenner hype and purchased the first lip pencil of my twenties (they always remind me of nicking my mum's super drying blood red ones when I was little, which would ultimately end up winding me so much I'd try to lick them off). Sadly, I've not had much luck as the new one I bought-- the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in 'Pillow Talk' is just too dark on me and looks stupid. I was convinced it would be perfect after watching a video on her youtube channel, but only realised after I had tried it on that the lip colour I was actually looking at was her Matte Revolution lipstick in Miss Kensington. Damn it! At £26 I can't quite justify paying for it right now, but... payday? We shall see.

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