Sunday, July 5

July Wishlist

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Recently, I've been getting back into beauty and also been wanting to add a few bits and pieces to my wardrobe.

It's so hot you guys, and I desperately need some sandals. I've been teetering on whether to buy these Topshop ones for weeks now, so we'll see how long it takes for me to snap and just get them one day. I was discussing them with my sister Abbie, and then she went off and bought them before I could. Are matching sister sandals a thing? First world problems.

The rest are mostly Youtuber enabled items-- Marianna Hewitt, who I admire for her unflinching ability to be glamorous twenty four hours a day has made me want to invest in a nice lip pencil, and she always wears an amazing Bobbi Brown blush which has been making me jealous.

Sunday Riley 'Juno' is another Caroline Hirons contribution to my life as she mentioned it on her blog. I looked into the Sunday Riley range and found that the Juno oil is actually very helpful for sufferers of excema and psoriasis, so it could well be a miracle product for my dermatitis. Only flaw-- it is around £70, so erm.. a bit steep if the miracle fails to be realised.

Anyway, you'll soon find out if I buy anything as it would inevitably wind up in a favourites post-- so keep an eye out! If I'm good, you'll not hear anything of them again. We'll have to see what my bank account has to say.

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