Wednesday, July 1


I'm sure I don't have to tell you that the weather has been good this week.

Wanting to take full advantage, Sam and I took a trip down to the seaside of my youth-- Goring!

Having never been before, I wanted to show Sam all the spots we used to visit on school trips and family excursions.

The rock pools used to be the real star when I was younger, but sadly when we arrived the tide was too high so we just went for a stroll.

The competition to find the prettiest shells and hoard the most cuttlefish used to be fierce, but we took it easy and just enjoyed exploring.


 It's so British to say, but I really could not believe how good the weather was. Look at that blue sky!

^ Shoutout to my No.2 blog fan :) 

Unbelievably, Sam even managed to get sunburnt, so we decided to turn back and head towards to shade.

By this point, the tide had moved back out, and all the rock pools emerged from underneath. Sadly, despite my best efforts, I didn't manage to find any undersea treasure.

 ^ Sam's photography

Stones in our shoes, ice cream in our bellies, skin a little bit pink (Sam), we claimed our prize at the end of the road and headed back.

A little trip down memory lane :)

Until next time,

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