Saturday, July 4

Drawing / Favourite Summer Perfumes

If I surveyed random group of ladies, I wonder how many would confess to having made 'perfume' out of flower petals when they were younger.

Personally, I've always been pretty into my scents and fragrances-- sometimes I'm tempted to cook food so my house smells nice rather than because I'm any kind of hungry. When it comes to perfumes, like most people I've had a few, and so I wanted to share my current favourites.

Flora by Gucci - I originally was given this perfume probably five or six years ago, and it's one of those scents that gives me a huge sense of nostalgia every time I wear it. I've worn it for years, and I only recently googled to see that the leading note in it is Peony, my favourite flower (Alex, you'll laugh at that), as well as Patchouli, which is one of my favourite scents for relaxation. To me, this perfume smells like being in a warm dry field in the heat of summer. The base notes are very earthy and the top notes are floral and musky, like when you get right up close to a flower to smell it. It's my all time favourite summer perfume.

Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey - My sister recently bought me this perfume for my birthday, and it's my favourite for days when it's clear and bright outside and you just want something light an clean. To my knowledge, I think this is one of Jo Malone's Bridal scents, and you'll have seen me talk about it before in my May Favourites, so I won't go on about it too much. It's a very subtle scent, and you can only really smell the nectarine in my opinion, but it's a very pretty and light scent for the warmer months.

Victoria's Secret - Bombshell - Now, by no means am I stating that a Victoria's Secret perfumes is up to the same standards as one from a cologne connoisseur like Jo Malone, but this perfume has been a firm favourite of mine since I received it for christmas a few years ago. The leading scent in this is passionfruit, but to me it kind of has a zingyness that made me surprised to see there wasn't any grapefruit in. This is another fragrance with peony in, which I didn't realise but would make sense, and it a great bright, strong, girly fragrance for super sunny beach days or holidays. If Flora were a boho woodland babe, and Jo Malone were a cool spring bride, then Bombshell would be the exuberant sister in cut off jeans and surfer hair.

All my favourites, always in rotation in my perfume stash. Definitely worth a sniff if you're in the market :)

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