Friday, July 31

Drawing / July Favourites

Happy July everybody! I decided to draw a few of my faves this month.

I'll forgive you if you can't read my chicken scratch handwriting.

At the start of the month, I was obsessed with 'Say Yes To The Dress', which I thought was pretty normal as there is an upcoming wedding in the family. However, when Sam came home one day and asked me why all of his youtube recommendations were wedding shows with a look of mild panic on his face I figured I should give the show a break. Instead, randomly, I've been watching an old E! reality series based on life in the Playboy Mansion, 'The Girls Next Door'. I never watched it when it was on in the noughties but it gives me intense Legally Blonde/The Simple Life throwback vibes and I'm obsessed with it. They're all on youtube so definitely worth a watch if you feel like you want something to rot your brain for a bit.

As usual -- no need to expand -- I've been loving peonies like mad and desperately buying a bunch whenever I'm home for long enough to see them bloom. My other continued favourite are peaches, which I am hunting down like a hound while they're still in season. You'll already know from my Peach Cobbler post that I crave them intensely during the summer months and that urge has yet to wane.

Fashion-wise I've been obsessed with A-Line skirts this month. Usually I'd be turning to cut off shorts as the temperature rises but I feel like these skirts do a better job of keeping me cool whilst keeping you a bit more covered up. I received a Zara voucher for my birthday and finally got round to spending it the other day on the perfect denim skirt-- hurry up post man! The other fashion fave is one I just wish I had a reason to get into. Over the knee boots anyone?? I'm obsessed with these amazing Asos 'Key To My Heart' boots and have been desperate to justify buying them. Fortunately (or not) they've sold out of my size, so the temptation has been taken away for me.

My final favourites are just kind of assorted things... Charlotte Tilbury's 'Miss Kensington' is still a hotly coveted item, as mentioned in my 'This Week's Wants' post, and the candle is one I picked up from Matalan recently. I've talked about Matalan candles before, but I really think that for only £3 they're amazing. The throw so much light and smell amazing, so they're definitely worth a look.

The popcorn is more of a 'work favourite'-- most days people bring in snacks for the staff to keep us going on long shifts, and I've found that popcorn is usually the best choice. I usually go for the sweet cinnamon flavour and it's literally so good. There's some in the cupboard right now and I'm desperately resisting it.

A final favourite, subliminally, is my new Sakura drawing pen. Look at those smooth lines! It's amazing. I know most people that like to draw already have a hundred of them but seriously... I love. I also got a new Letraset marker (the blue one I used above), but I'm not sure it's as good as my pink one. One day I'll buy the Pastel Copic Ciao's I've been after for years, but for now the individual Letraset colours have been doing the job.

Anyway, until next time,

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