Thursday, July 16

Cinnamon Pecan Sticky Buns

It is a fact universally acknowledged that I bloody love cinnamon buns.

And while we're sharing, here's another fact about me: I'm scared of making of making bread. The yeast! It's too scientific, I can't cope! Proving things?? Waiting for things to rise?? I cannot. It's been the hurdle keeping me from bun utopia for many a year. However, that time of fear has passed. I have now mastered the yeast. Buns have been conquered!

To make these marvellous feasts of spice from the BBC Good Food website, you will need:

For the dough:
450g strong white flour
50g caster sugar
85g butter, cut into small pieces
7g sachet dried yeast
2 eggs, beaten
150ml full-fat milk
vegetable oil, for greasing
1tsp salt

For the filling:
2 tsp ground cinnamon
85g light brown sugar
100g pecans

For the topping:
125g melted butter, plus extra
125ml maple syrup
50g light brown sugar
100g pecans, roughly chopped

1. To start, combine the flour, sugar and salt in a mixing bowl, and rub together until breadcrumbs form.

2. To this mixture, add the eggs, yeast and milk and stir until a soft dough has formed, and then it's time to knead. If you have a mixer with a dough hook, it will need about five minutes to process-- for those without, like me, 15 minutes of kneading by hand will get the dough to the right springy/soft consistency. Plop your kneaded dough into a lightly oiled bowl and cover with cling film or a clean tea towel and leave to rise in a warm place for an hour.

3. Now that your dough is on the rise, you can start to make your filling. To do this, you'll need to place your cinnamon, pecans and sugar into a food processor until a dense powder forms. That's it!

4. Grab your dough out of its warm place and punch the air out and briefly knead to encourage any extra air to leave. Split the dough into two and roll into two 25x35cm rectangles.

5. The next step is to melt all your butter. Brush some over each rectangle, and sprinkle your filling mixture over both before pressing in with a rolling pin. Tightly roll each rectangle up from the long end to form a thick swiss roll-esque pastry monster. Cut each roll into 8 pieces.

6. Brush some of the butter over the base and sides of a high-sided baking dish (BBC recommends two 20x30cm tins, but just use whatever you have and bear in mind that the rolls will eventually double in size). Then mix the maple syrup and sugar into the remaining butter and pour into the bottom of your dish(es), making sure to swill around the syrup mixture so that the base gets covered. Next, sprinkle on top the chopped pecans. These will eventually bake onto the top of your buns as they are ultimately served upside down.

7. Place your buns into the baking dish, leaving at least a 2cm gap around each one. You will then need to cover the dish with cling film and leave the buns to rise again for around 30mins. Depending how long it takes for your oven to heat up, you may want to preheat it now to 180 degrees (gas mark 4).

8. Once the buns have lightly risen and your oven is heated, the final step is just to bake them for 30 minutes. Your house will smell like Scandinavian Christmas and it will be glorious.

9. Once cooked, serve upside-down so that the sticky side and all the lovely pecans face the top, and that's it! Cinnamon rolls complete.

The challenge now is not to eat them all, and I absolutely double dare you to give these a try.

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