Thursday, June 4


Hello everyone! Before we got too far into the month I wanted to make sure I posted about my May Favourites.

Oasis 'Isabella' Jeans: At the beginning of the month I was starting to look for some new jeans as a matter of near urgency. The 22nd was my birthday and by that time I was pretty much pulling my hair out. Fortunately enough, I received a bit of birthday money which helped with the search. After seeing Molly from The Saturdays posting about the Isabella jeans on Instagram (she is an Oasis ambassador after all) I thought I would step in store and see how they fit, as it's not a shop I often venture into. They were absolutely amazing, but a little bit more than I like to spend on jeans so wasn't entirely sure. Luckily, Sam was there and made the decision for me (read: took them to the till when I tried to leave) and since buying them I have hardly taken them off. I went for the ripped style as I'm quite into it lately but they do all sorts and fit really well so it's definitely worth a look if you're getting tired of wherever you usually look for jeans.

River Island Sunglasses: Not so long of a spiel for this one; in the middle of April I found myself, somehow, short on sunglasses. To remedy this, I popped into River Island and picked up these. April Showers being as they were, I didn't really get to wear them much again until the end of May, and I've been loving having them in my handbag in the sun ever pops out.

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara: I would say I have pretty average eyelashes on their own. They're not great, they don't curl particularly well, and they're not very dark, but in a recent sisters-comparing-lashes conversation I managed to score quite high, so they can't be all bad. That being said, I was wearing this mascara at the time, which I feel may have given me the edge. At the minute, I think it's nearly perfect. It doesn't have the curl staying power of the L'Oreal Telescopic Waterproof and it's not as jet black as the L'Oreal Voluminous, but it's nearly there on both counts. The brush is just the right size (not big and spiky like They're Real) and the immediate effect is amazing. It doesn't shift throughout the day, but the shape does drop a bit. That being said, I've been using it since the release day months ago (not the same tube) and it hasn't tempted me elsewhere just yet.

Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey Cologne: For my birthday, but sister Sophie gave me tons of makeup and beauty bits (including more Rodial beauty bits than I could shake a stick/swing a cat at). The star of the show though was this amazing Jo Malone fragrance in Nectarine and Honey. For me, the scent is just light and spring-y enough that it reminds me of when I used to have a Body Shop body spray in Peach that I used to spray around my dingy Uni house when I was home alone to try and relieve some of the toxic 'lived-in' odours. Not the most glamorous review, but it reminds me of that feeling of adding lightness into a room and I'm finding it perfect as the weather gets warmer. Thoughtfully, she got it for me in the special Bridal lace edition (erm, thanks) so it looks lovely on my dresser. The only issue is that it's so expensive to buy that I'm trying to not let myself become too attached in case I ever need to repurchase.

Topshop 'Silver Spoon' Nail Polish: Recently, I have been feeling a bit poorly. I've been running all over the place and I think it's been catching up with me. That being said, the other night I tried my best to relax and have a calming bath night. Granted, I made the bath too hot and probably boiled my organs (my face was a nice plum colour afterwards), but I think the stress of trying to tolerate scalding hot water did help me prioritise my life. Letting lots of little bad things pile up just means that at the end of the week you're going to be stuck with one big pile of bad things. Sometimes, there isn't time in the week to deal with the little bad things and that's just the way it goes. What I've learned is that if you make sure you're doing little good things too, the bad pile can't get quite so big. For me, that little good thing was finally being able to paint my nails. A rubbish doctor told me that my dermatitis was caused by nail varnish so I haven't been wearing it. Nearly a year later, the dermatitis is still there, so I decided to reintroduce nail varnish into my life as it's a little thing that makes me happy. I asked for this particular nail polish for Christmas from Sam, and he hunted all over for it. I makes me happy because it amuses me to think of him stomping around Topshop beauty counters asking for a sparkly silver nail varnish, and so that's why this month it's made it into my faves :)

Una Brennan Superfacialist Rose Peaceful Skin Night Cream: My last favourite is purposefully last as I'm not going to write too much about it. This May I did a total skin rehaul (post to follow), and by far this is my favourite new thing. It smells lovely, feels silky, and makes me feel totally dreamy and ready for bed. A true favourite.

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