Saturday, June 20


By sheer luck, Sam and I managed to have synchronised days off work this week, and so we utilised them by taking a mini break.

The combination of both limited time and budget meant that despite finding some great last minute holiday options abroad, we both just fancied a mini break in the UK. We had heard a few friends and family members rave about Bath and so we thought a nice trip to Somerset would do nicely.

After a mad dash trip to the supermarket the day before, we packed a picnic and off we went. The drive was about three hours, and we made sure to take in the sights along the way :)

#Stonehenge out the window ✌🏻️

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By the time we got to Bath, we were pretty hungry and tired and so pulled over to Alexandra Park to get a good look at the scenery and have our picnic.

After that it was just a short drive to where we were staying at Laburnum Cottage. We had originally intended to stay somewhere else, but found it was double booked at the last minute. Then we booked a room at Devonshire House, only to be told that was double booked too. Fortunately, the owner of Devonshire House, Louise, gave Sam a ring and offered us an upgrade to their other lodging, Laburnum Cottage.

Being a cottage, we obviously had a lot more space than just a shared room, and it came with its own pretty garden and terrace. For us, it was a no-brainer, and definitely worth a look if you're visiting Bath soon. My only tip: bring comfortable shoes, as it's a mighty steep uphill walk home from the town afterwards.

The next Bath post will be day two-- it will be a picture heavy one!

Until next time,

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