Monday, May 25

My Balayage Makeover @ So Hairdressing, Bearsted

Hello everyone! I'm not even going to even bother with my usual  'here is something a bit different' disclaimer as I think I crossed that bridge many moons ago, but needless to say this post is the first of it's kind!

I recently reached a crunch point with my hair; long time readers will know that I frequently post about hair inspo and moan about my own mane. Equally, IRL friends will know that I am a bit of a hair obsessive (if I could, I would probably plait the hair of everyone within in a two mile radius). What with my (then-)upcoming birthday lingering around the corner, I decided I didn't want to enter age 22 with grown out roots and faded colour (which, towards the end, was starting to resemble damp, trodden on, straw). For this reason, I bit the bullet and went for a consultation at one of my favourite places in Kent-- and definitely my favourite salon-- So Hairdressing.

I was met on the thursday by the lovely Abbey and told her all about my hair woes-- grown out highlights, mismatched box colour et al-- and she reassured me that it was all easily dealt with. Having had sleepless nights dreaming of stripy highlights (yes, really... I did call myself a hair obsessive), I was happy to hear that my hair goals were totally accessible. I booked my appointment for a week later and showed up on the thursday for a hair rehaul :)

^ The back of my head, before. Or is it Cousin Itt?

After sorting me out with a cappuccino and a few editions of Cosmo and Glamour, Abbey got down to the business of fixing my barnet. Despite the somewhat slapdash decision to book an appointment, I actually had tons of photos of hair that I had collected for 'research'. I knew I wanted Balayage and despite having probably 40 photos of various Californian hair babes on my phone I managed to narrow it down to two inspiration pictures demonstrating what I was really after. For starters, I wanted my root colour brought down to the mid-lengths as I just could not bear the root maintenance any longer. I wanted the ends lightened but due to the build up of dyes on my hair I wasn't sure how light it could go, so I was happy to just go for a colour that just gave a similar effect.

^ My hair inspiration (there's tons more photos on my pinterest)

To start, my lovely colourist put half a head of foils in an ash brown colour on the top part of my hair to sort out my roots. After leaving that to develop for twenty minutes and then rinsing (with more cappuccinos and some treats to keep me going), she went on to balayaging the rest of my hair. Taking tiny sections and backcombing to encourage the gradient ombre effect, she took bleach through the lengths and ends of my hair and let that sit too. After that, it was just a case of washing out the bleach and adding a toner before giving my ends a quick trim. Abbey used a wide barrel tong to add a wave into my hair and spritzing on some hairspray so I could make the style last for my birthday the next day (thank you!) before I was off out :)

^ Day 2 birthday hair :)

I always love So Hairdressing as a treat anyway (I usually wait for their half price cut + finish offers that they occasionally dish out), but I have to say that I did particularly enjoy myself this time around-- and that's already having enjoyed my past experiences there anyway! It was really lovely getting to know my hairdresser a bit and having the same person all the way through the process. I know sometimes it's the sort of thing that isn't always possible but it really does make a difference.

If anyone is looking for a hairdresser for either a colour change or just a quick trim and you're in the area, I would definitely recommend So 100%. And of course, although I would recommend everyone ask for marvellous Abbey everybody there is lovely and well worth a visit :)

Until next time,

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