Wednesday, March 25


In many respects, this past month has been an absolute godawful nightmare, and any sweet dreams seemed a mountain away. However, thanks to a near-lifelong Lush obsession and a friendly sales girl I think I've managed to form the formula for a perfect night's sleep.

For a long time, Lush's 'French Kiss' bath bomb has been a favourite of mine (as shown {here}). Not only does it have the dreamiest lavender smell and magical power to turn the water a très Parisian purplish hue, it is practically a magnet for snoozy vibes. Personally, I'm usually all for a Zoella-esque bath routine. You know the deal-- face masks, candlelight and a good book to set the scene. However, when you're running on empty the notion of having to lather/rinse/repeat a hundred different lotions and potions can just be too much. Too much I say. 

The one flaw I always found with the French Kiss bubble bar is that, being full of bubbly goodness, it was often a bit drying on my skin. I wanted to find a way to amp up the moisturising power of my bath so I didn't have to moisturise after (first world problems) so I could go straight from bath to bed. This is where 'Dream Time' came in. By no means is this a new lush addition (to my knowledge), but being chock-full of essential oils it just served to amp up my bath to optimum levels of sleepiness.

A perfect night's rest, at last. If you know a stressed person, pass it on. They'll thank you.

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