Wednesday, February 11


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Hello everyone! It's that time of year where the cynics of the world put on their battle suits and arm themselves with statistics about the proportionate increase of bouquet and chocolate prices mid february.

Personally, I don't know when it became cool to hate Valentine's day as I've always been a fan (including the nineteen years of my life that I was single). When I was at uni I made my housemates customised Valentine's hearts in my second year and I wouldn't even say we were friends half the time. I also make pancakes most years on Pancake Day and go ham on Halloween, if that gives you some insight.

That being said, I know some people find it hard to wrestle up any kind of positive thoughts towards the fourteenth of february, so for you and my fellow Valentine's lovers I have compiled a few of my favourite DIYs that I've seen floating around. I've picked one which would be fun for a group day, one for having with family and one for having with a bottle of champagne, if that's your thing :)

For the lovers: DIY Dipped Strawberries /For the fam: Raspberry and Lemon cake /For the gang: Waitrose Heart S'Mores

It's only once a year, and personally I think it hasn't really done much to rally up the hate that it does. Whether you're a lover or a hater, I hope you have a nice day nonetheless :) I'll be having a #tbt breakfast with Sam and just taking it easy from there.

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