Sunday, January 4


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Hello everyone! Today's post is a mix of a lot of things.

Since losing my favourite book a few weeks ago, I've been on the hunt for something new. After seeing promo for the TV adaptation of Wolf Hall, I decided to order it off Amazon for 1p to try and fill my Tess of the D'Urbervilles void.

Clothes-wise, I've come to realise that all my 'basics' are either at the end of their life or Missing In Action (the struggle of having four sisters). I managed to pick a new pair of jeans (always one of life's great dramas) and am now just on the hunt for a good cosy blouse for popping under jumpers and tucking into jeans.

I recently had a haircut but it was really just taking off all the dead weight, and so as usual I'm pining for some prettier hair. Jourdann Dunn and Alexa Chung (obviously) had my favourite hair makeovers of last year and so they're who I'm gravitating to. Is ombre not a bit 'done' though? Jourdann, how do you do it?

At the moment I'm just enjoying the last lazy sunday of January before everything kicks off again-- back to school, back to work, bad dum dum baaack tooo reality.

Until next time,

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