Wednesday, December 30

Season's Greetings

Hello everyone! I just wanted to do a quick post, before tomorrow night when everybody is getting New Year ready, to say I hope you all had a happy Christmas.

Sunday, December 20

Lianne La Havas

Hello everyone! Another artist inspired drawing today. I recently was invited to Brixton with a friend to go and see Lianne La Havas, who was amazing.

Tuesday, December 15

The Best of Vlogmas 2015

Hello everyone! I distinctly remember writing a 'Best of Vlogmas' post last year, after which my good friend Alex went on to discover Essie Button, who we then wound up partying with this year. I figure it's well worth following up with karma like that!

Wednesday, December 9

November Favourites

Hello everyone! I decided to draw my favourites this month.

A Quarter of a Century

Adele wasn't the only person to commemorate turning twenty-five this year-- it was Sam's birthday too!

Monday, November 30

Xmas Wish List 2015

Hello everyone! Last year when I made a Christmas wishlist post it stayed locked at the top of my 'popular posts' widget for the whole of December, which led me to believe that a fair few family members were probably getting good use out of it. I've been getting a few hints this year that some people might want some help with ideas, so I made a new list for family (and Sam) who might be floundering.

Saturday, November 21

Drawing / Adele

Hello everyone! I've been feeling a bit poorly lately, so have been wrapped up warm catching up on iPlayer. Today I watched last night's 'Adele at the BBC' program, which I thought would might lead to a nice addition to my 'What I'm Watching' series.

Wednesday, November 18

Drawing / First Aid Kit

Hi everyone :) Today I have been starting to get ready for Christmas, and to help get me in a good mood I've been listening to one of my favourite bands-- First Aid Kit!

Sunday, November 15

Water Lane Coffeehouse

Hello everyone! Sam and I recently revised our old Alma Mater-- beautiful old Canterbury Town.

Thursday, November 12

The Balmain x H&M Launch Party

Hello everyone! I promised myself I wouldn't start another blog post with 'here's something a little bit different' again, but, well... This is a little bit unusual. For recent times at least!

Saturday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

Good evening everybody :) Just a quick post today to say Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 22

Into The Woods

Hello everyone! Today's post is about what Sam and I got up to for our anniversary this year. After last year's spa retreat, we decided to go completely the opposite direction-- into the wilderness for an adventure!

Thursday Wishlist

Hello everyone! I've been having a busy month, so please excuse the gap in posts. Today is another little wishlist for you all.

Thursday, September 24

Drawing / The Great British Bake Off

Hello everyone! Today's What I'm Watching installment is just sort of a fun one. I was a bit late starting Bake Off this year but now I'm all caught up I'm hooked.

Wednesday, September 23

Caramel Apple Crumble

Hello everyone! It's been a good few weeks since I posted a recipe around these parts, so in tribute to today being the official first day of Autumn (as well as Bake Off Wednesday), I have a brand new post to get your taste buds going.

Monday, September 21

Drawing / Tess of the D'urbervilles

Hello everyone! I have another addition to my What I'm Watching series today. The other day I had a long routine train journey to take and I wanted to find something to watch on my phone to make the trip less of a mission and more of a happy chill out time.

Wednesday, September 16

September Wishlist

Hello everyone! Another wishlist this month, but I would say this one is a little bit more homeward-based than usual.

Sunday, September 6

Meeting Estée & Fran!

Hello everyone! My best friend Alex and I recently had a marvellous time and got to meet some of our favourite people, thanks to Essie Button and her #thanksmillion million subscriber bash!

Saturday, September 5

Drawing / Wuthering Heights

Hello everyone :) The other day I walking home in the withering wind and rain and feeling a bit woebegone. Kate Bush was playing in my head, people. It was depressing. I got home and treated myself to a hot bath, cosy dressing gown #ootd and an old black and white movie. The black and white movie of my uni days... Wuthering Heights.

Tuesday, September 1

Drawing / Pride & Prejudice

Hello everyone... Here is the next instalment of my 'What I'm Watching' series. Another oldie today, the classically popular BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice!

Saturday, August 29

Drawing / Jane Eyre

Hello everyone! I have another little illustration for you today. It's spooky to think that this time last year I would have been fresh out of uni. At the time I loathed the experience, but nostalgia always has a way of glossing over the bad bits, which has given me a fresh hankering for the classics. This week, it was Jane Eyre! A book a read with great disdain at the time.

Saturday, August 8

Chocolate and Hazelnut Biscotti

Hello! I'm throwing it back today to a recipe I used to make all the time when I was younger.

Friday, July 31

Monday, July 27

This Week's Wants

Untitled #130

Happy monday everyone! I'm not a shopaholic, I swear, but I do see a lot of pretty things.

Thursday, July 16

Sunday, July 5

July Wishlist

Untitled #121
Recently, I've been getting back into beauty and also been wanting to add a few bits and pieces to my wardrobe.

Saturday, July 4

Drawing / Favourite Summer Perfumes

If I surveyed random group of ladies, I wonder how many would confess to having made 'perfume' out of flower petals when they were younger.

Wednesday, July 1


I'm sure I don't have to tell you that the weather has been good this week.

Friday, June 26

Picture Post / Wanderlust


Today's post is a kind I used to do all the time-- a picture post! I've been collecting tons of travel photos on my tumblr and so wanted to share a few faves.

Saturday, June 20


By sheer luck, Sam and I managed to have synchronised days off work this week, and so we utilised them by taking a mini break.

Wednesday, June 10


There are some foods that have the power to transport you to another place. Basil reminds me of the Italian Campania region, Kettle Chips remind me of Colchester Zoo, and summer peaches remind me of the southerly American states (not that I've ever been).

Saturday, June 6


I don't get to go 'home' much these days, so it's nice to see all the things that have changed.

Friday, June 5


Hello everyone! As briefly mentioned in my May favourites, I have recently added a few more items into my skincare routine.

Thursday, June 4


Hello everyone! Before we got too far into the month I wanted to make sure I posted about my May Favourites.

Monday, May 25

My Balayage Makeover @ So Hairdressing, Bearsted

Hello everyone! I'm not even going to even bother with my usual  'here is something a bit different' disclaimer as I think I crossed that bridge many moons ago, but needless to say this post is the first of it's kind!

Monday, April 6


I love blogs. I have for years, and the reality is that I follow a ton of them. Obviously there are the major players like Zoella and Tanya Burr, but there are a fair few other bloggers I love and so I wanted to take this post as an opportunity to share the love :)

Saturday, March 28


Hello everyone! Something a bit different again today, but recently I decided to start the 30 Day Drawing challenge.

Wednesday, March 25


In many respects, this past month has been an absolute godawful nightmare, and any sweet dreams seemed a mountain away. However, thanks to a near-lifelong Lush obsession and a friendly sales girl I think I've managed to form the formula for a perfect night's sleep.

Tuesday, March 17


Untitled #113

Hello everyone! Despite the few smatterings of grey sky in recent days, it has actually been starting to look a bit spring-like outside!

Monday, March 16


Very occasionally being a girlfriend has its perks. For example: When your beau wants to plan a mother's day treat but needs a human guinea pig. Pick me!

Thursday, March 5


As I sit typing this, I am toasty warm inside watching The Supervet. However, two weeks ago I was out in the wind and chill with only a gingerbread man and a sandwich to get my motor warmed through. I also had a sketchbook and pencil, because I was braving the wilderness in response to Frannerd's #Drawoutside challenge.

Wednesday, March 4


Hello everyone!

Today I realised I had hit a blogging milestone- 100 posts! One of the things I've really enjoyed over time is all the photos I have been able to take, so to celebrate 100 posts I thought I would do a special edition Picture Post. My top ten photos from the last hundred posts!

Monday, February 23


The other day when I looked outside the sky was blue. Yeah, ok, it was never going to be green or glittery, but after months of grey drizzly misery, the bright blue was quite a shock. Personally, I one hundred percent believe that my mood improves with the weather. If I moved to California I would probably be a thousand times more productive in my every day life. Have you noticed all the super fit/tanned/healthy people of the world seem to originate in either California or somewhere on the sunny Australian shore? It don't believe it's coincidence.

Anyway, for me, this first blue sky of 2015 signified one thing-- that spring is finally around the corner, hurrah! When it comes to baking, I find that the treats that best encapsulate that springtime vibe is anything light and lemony. In particular, Lemon & Poppy Seed Muffins!

Wednesday, February 11


Untitled #111
Hello everyone! It's that time of year where the cynics of the world put on their battle suits and arm themselves with statistics about the proportionate increase of bouquet and chocolate prices mid february.

Sunday, January 25


Last year, alongside calligraphy, soup-making, and botany I picked up a hobby. Squats! Or rather, I started the 30 Day Squat Challenge. This year, I started running again-- the combination of these things meant one thing: I needed an exercise playlist.