Friday, December 19


I'm working in retail this Christmas. This means that a) I don't have time to go anywhere b) I am too tired to do anything. Because of this, I have turned to living vicariously through youtubers over the festive period, thanks to the miracle of Vlogmas.

I am a lover of vlogs at the best of times, but I thought I'd post a few of my faves for anyone late to the game, wanting to get involved.

1. Lily Pebbles: For all intensive purposes Lily's blogs may seem pretty typical; she works on her blog, her videos, and occasionally goes out for some festive events. But you guys, her makeup. It's amazing. Living in a house of people, her vlogs are chock full of funny family cameos and well worth a watch as the evenings draw in.

2. Meghan Rienks: I'll be honest, I hadn't watched a lot of Meghan's vlogs before this year's Vlogmas. However, this year was a whole new ball game. Day one was Meghan anxious about something mysterious, and then on day two she dropped a bombshell. Surprise nose job?? She's been sharing her journey and all the aftercare she's been keeping up with, aided by her insanely adorable parents. Warning: there are many clips of things being inserted and removed from her nose. Also Warning: You will be hooked.

3. Essie Button: Technically, Essie is actually doing Jingle Week rather than Vlogmas, but she posts so frequently that I would call her an honorary contributor. A veteran vlogger, Essie's Jingle Week videos have been showing her London life with boyfriend Aslan and perfect pup Reggie. Expect homeware envy and also timeless singing, as Essie trills a self-penned theme song every instalment. Highlights include whenever she makes her dog wear a hat.

4. Tanya Burr: If you don't know Tanya, then I really don't even know how you found this blog. She is a pioneer of internetting. She is also one of those people who always seems to be doing fun and glamorous things. Oop, just going to a premiere, just spending a weekend at a remote country lodge with my famous internet friends. She spends most days gloriously made up and surrounded by things that I want. Lifestyle envy awaits.

5. Vivianna Does Makeup: Let's not focus on technicalities, but yes... Anna isn't literally doing Vlogmas either. However, she has been continuing her weekly vlogs over the festive period and they are good'uns. Currently training for a marathon, Anna's vlogs are a mixture of excellent makeup recommendations, cool beauty events and useful exercise tips (if you're into that sort of thing). She is a classic. If you don't already, you will love her.

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