Tuesday, December 9


 Hello everyone! Recently I've been spending a bit of time in London and I have to say I've been loving the festive boom in the big smoke. I've been watching tons of Vlogmas videos recently (Essie Button, Lily Pebbles and the O.G. Tanya Burr being my faves) and so I'm definitely starting the feel the Christmas spirit setting in.

The other week I found myself in London with some time to kill so spent a bit of time wandering the Liberty Christmas hall. If you like a bespoke bauble or two then it's the place to be this time of year.

If you just like things that spangle then their windows do pretty good job too. I've been watching the Liberty documentary on 4od and getting really into all the behind scenes business. I love the woman who launched her own nail varnish line, good old Nancy. Go Nancy!

A few days later I was back in London again and so spent a few hours out and about with Sam in the time before we wanted to head to Winter Wonderland.

I've been dying to see these Paddington Bears around so I was so pleased to finally spot one in Selfridges! I'm not ever in London enough to be a able to Catch 'Em All so I was glad to see this one while I could. Sam wasn't sure about the army print but I quite liked its Toy Story toy solider vibe, opinions?

After a fervourful forage for a Nars foundation pump in the beauty hall (no luck all around London, fellow Nars fans may be interested to know) we headed outside to check out their fairytale themed windows. I had no idea about this one-- the seven swans maybe? The Ugly Duckling? Answers on a postcard.

I did enjoy this little Marmalade maven (it hosted a second gold Paddington just around the other side) and it seemed to be the most popular if the huge crowd was any indication. Lots of people loving the Marmalade.

We had a little bit more of a wander before heading onto Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. Our route was littered with Santa Clauses bending over drains and leaning on hedges retailing drunken woes-- Damn Brian! He's always like this, I can't believe him!-- Who I later realised were victims of Santa Con.

 Nevertheless, our Christmas spirit could not be qualmed and so onwards we went.

We quickly realised that going to a central London event on a saturday night with shopping bags was a very very bad idea and we didn't last long before taking refuge in the oasis of The Star Tavern in the middle of the madness. After that, we called it a night and it was homeward bound.

Onwards and upwards I say! I'll see you again soon no doubt, London.

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