Monday, November 3


November is one of those months that always comes too fast, popping out of the ether before the wick in your pumpkin can be wooshed out in the wind.

For me, November is always characterised by the first few days of the month. Before the end of the first week the hats and gloves are out for Guy Fawkes, and the rest of the month follows suit. 

The woolier sides of wardrobes make their first ventures out into the cold, and the jackets you bought in August finally get their time in the shade.

It's still pretty warm for November, but as I write this it's five pm and pitch dark. My toes are freezing and I'm wearing a coat indoors, so the cold nights are slowly but surely creeping in.

While it's still mild in the day, I'm going to try and be outdoors as much as possible. That means getting off my laptop!

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