Tuesday, November 25


In some ways I can be quite fussy. Example: When we're having dinner I don't like prawns or mushrooms or Christmas pudding without custard. In other ways, I'm simple. If it's cold, I want to be hot, and I want a bath.

Last night was one of the first times when I really felt a chill setting in, so I went all out in terms of seasonal toastiness. I grabbed a festive penguin bath bomb from Lush and set the fire roaring. I had my laptop perched on a washing basket with Guardians of the Galaxy playing and this months Elle for company.

My bubble bar of choice came in the form of a chirpy little penguin, full of sweet citrusy scents. He didn't create quite as many bubbles as my favourite lush bomb (French Kiss), but did turn the water a cool icy blue and wafted nicely around the room. The last Lush Christmas item I had tried was the Butterbear, who was all style without a lot of substance, so I was pleased with the bath this little gent produced. Well done Pingu.

Sam has earmarked the hedgehog for himself so it looks like I'm going to have to make another trip to Lush to stock up on Christmas critters.

I may have to try the whole range...

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