Tuesday, November 11


Hello everyone! Firstly, I'm a liar, I didn't meet anyone (although actually that's also a lie as I did meet/scare Shirley B Eniang). I was however within touching distance of two of the Kardashian brood. That picture above? I took it, without zoom.

*Spoiler alert, I forgot my camera memory card-- phone quality pics throughout I'm afraid

They were in London for the launch of Hairfinity (a hair supplement) in the UK, and I wound up in the press pit with my sister live tweeting the night. 

^Best moment of your life, Sophie?

We spotted a fair few celebs throughout the night, before getting our cameraman to take some pics for us to squirrel away.

^Thanks Bernardo! Although I grew to hate that jumpsuit...

Kim and Khloe were mostly cocooned away in the VIP area but I did spot a fair few bloggers in the party! Aside from Shirley, who I startled rather than greeted, I also spotted Corrie on the dance floor and Sarah Ashcroft mooching with the cool kids, along with Milk Teef and many more. So altogether, very showbiz!

Being a hair-based event, there was a little booth tucked in a corner where you could get your hair done and then stand in front of a wind machine to get a swooshy supermodel hair pic. Here was ours:

^Half open eyes, not ideal

After we had spent a while celeb spotting at the after party, we moved on out into the rainy London night. 

A bit of an unusual saturday night for me, all in all.

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