Friday, November 28


I don't know about you guys but I basically only like one season. Summer is too hot, winter is too cold, and spring is always too unpredictable to enjoy. I like Autumn, and practically go into mourning the second it's over.

Now technically the first day of winter isn't until the 21st of December, but let's be real. It's cold now. It's so foggy I feel like I'm trapped in a Sherlock Holmes novella and none of my coats are warm enough. It's basically winter and I already want out!

Fortunately, a little while back I had the sense to grab a few leaves to preserve for when winter just gets a bit too much and I need a reminder that there is life outside of the december-february months. Unfortunately, it does make me feel a bit like I'm in Dear John or other such sad romcoms where the star looks moonily at melancholy photos from the past.

Come home Autumn! I miss you!

Maybe that was actually The Notebook?

Until next time,



Thursday, November 27


You guys, I'm no Kim K. By literally any stretch whatsoever.

That being said, since seeing her in the flesh at the recent Hairfinity launch I have been a bit obsessed with the makeup she wore on the night. I'm a patient person, and I've been waiting. Waiting for her makeup artist Mario, who I follow on instagram with no shame, to tweet a link to her lipstick, for Pixiwoo to favourite an insider pic of what eyelashes she was wearing. Alas, none of it was to be.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not usually this obsessive with makeup. In my defence that's because, usually, I'm not surrounded by intensely glamorous people (sorry to all my sisters, I stand beside your messy buns in solidarity) and so I'm not usually inundated with inspo.

As a pasty brown eyed girl, a lot of celebrity makeup and runway looks just do not compute on my face. Super trendy copper eyeshadow? Sure, on Viviannadoesmakeup it looks autumnal and cosy, on me? Aggravated dermatitis. Mega minimal beach babe with dewy skin? I had a friend once tell me I look like a shark sometimes, and that's as close to a beach babe I'll get.

So, when I saw Kim's trademark smokey eyes up close I was surprised. Not only surprised that it was a look I thought I could make work for me, but surprised because, my god, it didn't look that hard to replicate.

Wednesday, November 26


In my family, Christmas is a dirty word until my dad's birthday on the 25th of November and Sam's on the 29th. Well, Sam's birthday is still to go, but dad's has gone and so I am itching for some tinsel. To get more in the spirit, I've shared a few of my favourite images from tumblr. Hide the glitter!

Tuesday, November 25


In some ways I can be quite fussy. Example: When we're having dinner I don't like prawns or mushrooms or Christmas pudding without custard. In other ways, I'm simple. If it's cold, I want to be hot, and I want a bath.

Last night was one of the first times when I really felt a chill setting in, so I went all out in terms of seasonal toastiness. I grabbed a festive penguin bath bomb from Lush and set the fire roaring. I had my laptop perched on a washing basket with Guardians of the Galaxy playing and this months Elle for company.

My bubble bar of choice came in the form of a chirpy little penguin, full of sweet citrusy scents. He didn't create quite as many bubbles as my favourite lush bomb (French Kiss), but did turn the water a cool icy blue and wafted nicely around the room. The last Lush Christmas item I had tried was the Butterbear, who was all style without a lot of substance, so I was pleased with the bath this little gent produced. Well done Pingu.

Sam has earmarked the hedgehog for himself so it looks like I'm going to have to make another trip to Lush to stock up on Christmas critters.

I may have to try the whole range...

Until next time,


Sunday, November 23


Untitled #98

Topshop Copper Lurex Dress, River Island Croc Boots, Monki Xmas Jumper, Topshop Embellished Velvet Shorts, Missguided Faux Fur Stole

Hello everyone! Lately I've been getting into the Christmas swing, thinking about party outfits and generally feeling like I want all my clothes to be sparkly.

For me, this time of year is when I want to be whipping out all the textured items in my wardrobe. I want fluff! Sequins! Cosy wool and crushed velvet! I burn, I pine, I perish. Give them to me.

Above I've compiled just a small list of my current faves, and actually I think they're all pretty versatile for this time of year. That jumper in particular is calling to me, and I'm itching to pair those shorts with some thick black tights and boots.

Hold me back Topshop, I am coming for you!

Until next time,


Saturday, November 22

Friday, November 14


Hello everyone! Today was one of those days when I stopped and realised I couldn't remember the last time I ate a piece of fruit. Seeing as winter has started to draw in (today's outfit: woolly jumper, scarf, massive fleece shirt and slippers) I wanted to make sure I was eating something a little more nutritious than last nights potato, beans and birthday cake to fight off impeding colds.

Tuesday, November 11


Hello everyone! Firstly, I'm a liar, I didn't meet anyone (although actually that's also a lie as I did meet/scare Shirley B Eniang). I was however within touching distance of two of the Kardashian brood. That picture above? I took it, without zoom.

*Spoiler alert, I forgot my camera memory card-- phone quality pics throughout I'm afraid

They were in London for the launch of Hairfinity (a hair supplement) in the UK, and I wound up in the press pit with my sister live tweeting the night. 

^Best moment of your life, Sophie?

We spotted a fair few celebs throughout the night, before getting our cameraman to take some pics for us to squirrel away.

^Thanks Bernardo! Although I grew to hate that jumpsuit...

Kim and Khloe were mostly cocooned away in the VIP area but I did spot a fair few bloggers in the party! Aside from Shirley, who I startled rather than greeted, I also spotted Corrie on the dance floor and Sarah Ashcroft mooching with the cool kids, along with Milk Teef and many more. So altogether, very showbiz!

Being a hair-based event, there was a little booth tucked in a corner where you could get your hair done and then stand in front of a wind machine to get a swooshy supermodel hair pic. Here was ours:

^Half open eyes, not ideal

After we had spent a while celeb spotting at the after party, we moved on out into the rainy London night. 

A bit of an unusual saturday night for me, all in all.

Until next time,



Tuesday, November 4



Topshop Lurex Crop Top / New Look Silver Loafers / Topshop Ripped Jamie Jeans // BooHoo Victorian Blouse / Topshop Velvet Shorts / New Look Knee Boots / H&M Soft Fedora // New Look Knee Boots / H&M Soft Fedora / Topshop Faux Fox Fur Scarf / Topshop ZigZag Tunic // H&M Embellished Top / New Look Pink Metallic Skirt / Topshop Teddy Bear Pea Coat / NEXT Bejewelled Loafers

I know that I'm not the only person who likes outfit planning. For me, its as much a therapeutic experience as a practical one. Laying out items any seeing how versatile that can be helps to encourage me to wear what's in my wardrobe as well as practically consider any new purchases, particularly items that might be a bit more 'out there'.

Lately I've spotted knee high boots on tons of bloggers (Charlotte being a leading culprit) and I've been itching for my own pair. With the cheapest I've found being £40 and the priciest well in the hundreds, it's the kind of 'trendy' item that could easily wind up at the bottom of my cupboard with my money down the drain. For this reason, I like to while away the hours on polyvore, matching up things I want with things I have and seeing where they would fit in my wardrobe.

I know I'm not the only one who does things like this to rationalise purchases, and besides that, it's just good for some wishful thinking :)

Until next time,


Monday, November 3


November is one of those months that always comes too fast, popping out of the ether before the wick in your pumpkin can be wooshed out in the wind.

For me, November is always characterised by the first few days of the month. Before the end of the first week the hats and gloves are out for Guy Fawkes, and the rest of the month follows suit. 

The woolier sides of wardrobes make their first ventures out into the cold, and the jackets you bought in August finally get their time in the shade.

It's still pretty warm for November, but as I write this it's five pm and pitch dark. My toes are freezing and I'm wearing a coat indoors, so the cold nights are slowly but surely creeping in.

While it's still mild in the day, I'm going to try and be outdoors as much as possible. That means getting off my laptop!

Until next time,

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