Tuesday, October 14


If you read my last post you would be aware that I recently found myself in the possession of a long dead Yankee Candle. Fellow hoarders will understand why this was a problem.

After sitting dead on a shelf for far too long, I realised it was time for action and something had to be done. Not being one to venture too far out the box, I went for the obvious choice of googling ways to repurpose candles, eventually landing on ViviannaDoesMakeup's 'Diptyque Post Burn' post.

It didn't take much tweaking to apply to a Yankee Candle (generally speaking I just had to add more water) and after filling the expired jar with a kettle of boiling water it pretty much did all the hard work on its own. After about twenty minutes the wax had come away from the bottom and was ready to be scooped out and popped into the bin (not the sink!), leaving me with a handy storage jar. I also cleaned out a little Jelly Belly candle which is now a paperclip holder, so well worth a go if you're a fan of repurposing items or simply can't bear to throw things away.

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