Tuesday, October 7


Yesterday I had to go to the bank. This would have been fine, except that it was raining and the only coat I have with a hood is a children's duffle coat. Despite my lack of brolly and outerwear, it had to be done and so into the typhoon I went.

Having done my business (not like that) I was after something to warm me up when I finally got home. Having been strolling around the house in my brother's spare football socks to fend off the cold, I figured it was time to pick up some slipper socks. Equally, my pjs were looking like offcasts from Victorian orphan so I picked up some novelty replacements. Finally, fancying nothing more than a hot bath, I found my favourite Lush bubble bar 'French Kiss'. Go on, scroll back up. She is a thing of beauty.

Hoping your tootsies are as warm as mine,


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