Thursday, October 2


I'm wearing a woolly jumper and have touched a conker within the last twenty four hours, which can only mean one thing: October has arrived. Cosy candles at the ready!

I don't know about you, but this is my favourite time of year. Temperate weather and trees facing a technicolour makeover means that I'm more than happy to walk and pick up a pint of milk if I get to kick up a leaf or two along the way.

Who can resist the pure nostalgic quality of the season? September's back to school vibes are fizzling out and instead Halloween lurks around the corner. I have a post coming up with some Halloween inspo as I'm already that keen.

For now, I'll be squirrelling away pine cones to burn on a fire when it gets really chilly. If anyone is after a conker battle, I can sort you right out.

Until next time,


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