Monday, October 13


In his 1978 hit song, 'Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)' Neil Young once said, "it's better to burn out than to fade away". This does not apply to expensive Yankee Candles, and mine recently faced its fate.

Ever since my favourite candle (Black Coconut) flickered its last flame I've been on the hunt for another candle that could fill it's toasty shoes. This time around I was after something a bit cheaper so that should it burn out I could run and buy another with minimal stress/expense.

After a good long google I eventually found what I was looking for on my own fair living room mantlepiece, where my mum was burning an age-old £3 Matalan candle. Luckily for me, they had just brought out all their wintery homeware (they have Christmas stuff out already) meaning I got a pick of the homey kind of scents I had been after.

I knew I wanted to get a few, so ultimately went for two inoffensive scents that wouldn't cause headaches being lit simultaneously. In the end I settled for Vanilla Sugar and Crackling Log Fire, but next time I might grab a Honeyed Chestnut too. The little glass candle in between was another bargain find in Primark, being around £3. It doesn't smell of much but it adds a bit of light, helping to brighten up my room :)

Hopefully this post will be of some use to people like me who are addicted without reason to burning candles, and essentially the message I am sending is: GO TO MATALAN! I know I'll be back.

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