Tuesday, October 28


Hello everyone! It's pumpkin carving time at last!

I was at uni for Halloween last year and my pumpkin only lasted a few hours before my housemate threw it out a second floor window, so this year I wanted to be a bit more precious with my gourd.

Sam and I picked up our pumpkins from Asda, lined up our tools and got ready to go.

We scavenged the innards and left them rotting on a table.

Before moving on to the real carving!

I went for a Sailor Moon inspired pumpkin this year in homage to a friend's excellent snapchat and Sam went for something a bit more traditional but no less charming.

Have you carved a pumpkin yet? Get a move on!

Until next time,


Thursday, October 23


Untitled #91

Hello everyone!

If you've been following my blog for a while you may be aware that I am a severe planoholic. If I know there is an event on the horizon I will start planning for it weeks in advance, and in this case I'm talking about Halloween. You guys, I love Halloween. After weeks of trying to act chill and not too obsessed, I figured a week before the day was a reasonable enough time to start chasing down the things I'll need for my costume. For me, this meant yellow contacts, blue body paint and a jumpsuit (among other things).

Can you guess what I'm going as?

I'll keep you posted!



Wednesday, October 22


Untitled #90

This time of year it's hard to go anywhere without finding a leaf crackling underfoot. Personally, I look forward to seeing the pavements filled with auburn shades, but there's nothing quite like an Autumn walk through the woods. 

My dad lives in the countryside and I plan to venture into the wilderness before the weather gets too grotty, but until I get a chance I thought I would post a few of my woodland-inspired favourites from in the shops. Deer print seems to be popping up a lot lately, and I think it works as a kind of more ladylike leopard print, and I can't be the only to have noticed that the outdoors are making an appearance in interiors these days. Asda and Primark, random choices as they may be, have tons of woodsy homeware to help bring the forest inside without dragging in a family of squirrels and ants (I know I have a few items saved in my basket).

Until next time,


Tuesday, October 21


I have another cooking post today! The cold weather always makes me want to cook and recently I felt like making the recipe Lily Pebbles posted on her blog a little while ago. My nan was having a big family dinner so I thought I would bring these along for everyone to nibble on afterwards. They were really super easy to make and they went down a storm (my sister was trying to eat the mixture out the bowl before I even finished stirring).

Monday, October 20


Collecting conkers / Family Starbucks trip / First Pumpkin sighting
The best chocolate ever / Birthday flowers / Prepping for the GBBO final
Hot chocolate in the rain / Purple Leaves / Raspberry brownies

At the start of the month I was counting down the days until Halloween, and now we're nearly there! Over half the month has flown by so I thought I'd do a little instagram round up. October is my favourite month of the year so I'm always a bit sad to see it fly by.

Saturday, October 18


Hello everyone! Today's post is another one to get you in the mood for Halloween, as I'm sharing a great (gross looking) recipe! Nothing says 'entrails and puppy dogs tails' like a viridian green soup, and in a big black pot like mine I think this brings some good witchy vibes without all the gunk and food colouring.

Friday, October 17


Hello everyone! I hope you've had a good week.

This tuesday was my one year anniversary and we celebrated by going oop north to the Malvern Spa. My sister is a journalist and she gave it glowing reviews so we thought it might be worth the trek!

Tuesday, October 14


If you read my last post you would be aware that I recently found myself in the possession of a long dead Yankee Candle. Fellow hoarders will understand why this was a problem.

After sitting dead on a shelf for far too long, I realised it was time for action and something had to be done. Not being one to venture too far out the box, I went for the obvious choice of googling ways to repurpose candles, eventually landing on ViviannaDoesMakeup's 'Diptyque Post Burn' post.

It didn't take much tweaking to apply to a Yankee Candle (generally speaking I just had to add more water) and after filling the expired jar with a kettle of boiling water it pretty much did all the hard work on its own. After about twenty minutes the wax had come away from the bottom and was ready to be scooped out and popped into the bin (not the sink!), leaving me with a handy storage jar. I also cleaned out a little Jelly Belly candle which is now a paperclip holder, so well worth a go if you're a fan of repurposing items or simply can't bear to throw things away.

Until next time,


Monday, October 13


In his 1978 hit song, 'Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)' Neil Young once said, "it's better to burn out than to fade away". This does not apply to expensive Yankee Candles, and mine recently faced its fate.

Ever since my favourite candle (Black Coconut) flickered its last flame I've been on the hunt for another candle that could fill it's toasty shoes. This time around I was after something a bit cheaper so that should it burn out I could run and buy another with minimal stress/expense.

After a good long google I eventually found what I was looking for on my own fair living room mantlepiece, where my mum was burning an age-old £3 Matalan candle. Luckily for me, they had just brought out all their wintery homeware (they have Christmas stuff out already) meaning I got a pick of the homey kind of scents I had been after.

I knew I wanted to get a few, so ultimately went for two inoffensive scents that wouldn't cause headaches being lit simultaneously. In the end I settled for Vanilla Sugar and Crackling Log Fire, but next time I might grab a Honeyed Chestnut too. The little glass candle in between was another bargain find in Primark, being around £3. It doesn't smell of much but it adds a bit of light, helping to brighten up my room :)

Hopefully this post will be of some use to people like me who are addicted without reason to burning candles, and essentially the message I am sending is: GO TO MATALAN! I know I'll be back.

Until next time,


Friday, October 10


Hello everyone! Last sunday was my mum's birthday and I made a cake. The process went very awry, but in tribute to the Bake Off finale on wednesday I thought I would share what went on!

Thursday, October 9


Hello everyone! I hope you're enjoying your October, I know mine has been a bit rainy and chilly so far. If yours has too, then you're in luck, because I've got some more Halloween inspo to add some ghoulish-flickering light to the end of the tunnel.

Firstly, I have a few costume ideas for those of you who might want to venture beyond the usual cat/witch/devil (been there).

For the ladies:

Great Expectations' Miss Havisham / American Horror Story Coven's Weeping Nun (Tutorial) / Voodoo Doll / Batman's Harley Quinn / Medusa / SheWolf / X-Men's Mystique / Scarecrow / The Lion King's Scar

For the gentlemen:

Hannibal Lecter Wendigo / Martha Stewart's Mummy / Game of Thrones' Khal Drogo / The Dark Knight Rises' Bane / A Musketeer / Spiderman's Venom / Scooby Doo's Captain Cutler

Next up are a few movie ideas to put on in the background while you inevitably work on your costume, bake your spider cake or even (let's be honest) when you're staying home trying to avoid trick or treaters.

The Innocents
If you're into classic oldies, this one is for you. Based on the cult novella 'The Turn of the Screw', this movie has spooky kids, an eerie soundtrack and the ever present dubious sanity that tends to fester in old houses. I'm not one for gore, but I am partial to a bit of a jump so this fits the bill for me. The plot is simple: new Governess arrives to supervise two creepy kids. Mysterious ghostly figures start to appear, but maybe they're only in her head? Freaky deaky.

Hocus Pocus
This movie is not scary, but it is still the best Halloween movie ever. I have to watch this every year without fail or else October has been a waste. Best to watch around 5pm on a rainy day for optimum after-school-throwback vibes. Plot summary: Kid moves schools, tries to show off to girl, wakes up three undead witches from hell. Awkward. Maybe turn on just your little lamps and fairy lights, but for heaven's sake don't light a candle!!

An American Werewolf in London
Out of all the halloween vampires, ghouls, ghosts, witches and wizards, it's fair to say that I secretly love werewolves the most. This movie is another cult classic fresh out of the 80's, so watch out for the retro soundtrack and puffy jackets alongside all that fur.

Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds"
The best. Don't watch if you live near any trees (the birds will come for you).

I can be honest with you guys, I don't watch a lot of scary movies (you may have guessed by the fact most of these movies are older than me). That being said, I do watch a lot of TV. If you've got a long night of handing out haribo ahead, a box set might be more up your alley and I'm here to help!

If you haven't seen this NBC reimagining of Hannibal Lecter then you need to watch it right now. If you have seen it, watch it again. You know you'll want to. Set in the period of time before the nefarious Dr Lecter is behind bars (or you know, behind glass) the series follows his exploits as both practising psychiatrist and vicious cannibalistic killer. Heavy on the gore and people-eating jokes, it's a goody if you like your scares smart.

American Horror Story: Freak Show
I'm sailing the honesty boat out to sea: I've only seen one episode of American Horror Story, and that's season 1 episode 1. That being said, I liked it a lot but just never got around to watching any more. If anyone is like me and is just dipping their toes (cautiously) into the mayhem that is American Horror Story, now might be a good time to get involved. The new season, 'Freak Show' starts this very October. Dive in! Aliens, nuns and circus freaks await (so I've been told).

Back to a show I definitely have seen (multiple times), another Halloween staple is 'Supernatural'. The nub and the jist of the show is two brothers who hunt things that go bump in the night. Seasons 1-4 focus on them finding ways to kill your more standard halloween beasty: werewolves, witches, demons, evil genies etc. Things get a bit heaven-and-earth after that but there are a ton more monsters they fight along the way. If dark dark woods and dark dark houses freak you out, you've come to the right place. Make sure you've got a lot of salt in your cupboards, the Winchesters will show you how to use it.

Of course, with all this stuff to watch you might want some snacks along the way. Part one of my Halloween megapost has a few party-based foody things to try, but some Halloween-y popcorn is really all you need. Don't worry about googling, I've got you covered.

Just try not to spill it if things get really scary.

Until next time,
Happy Halloween!



Wednesday, October 8


Sometimes it's nice to find inspiration in weird places, so I thought I would share this really easy breakfast with you. I have this quite a lot as I like having a vegetable filled breakfast and this is really quick and easy. This is hardly even worthy of being called a recipe, but I suppose it is comparable to something like Huevos Rancheros (perhaps HR's nerdy British cousin) but without the crucial peppers and chillis.

Tuesday, October 7


Yesterday I had to go to the bank. This would have been fine, except that it was raining and the only coat I have with a hood is a children's duffle coat. Despite my lack of brolly and outerwear, it had to be done and so into the typhoon I went.

Having done my business (not like that) I was after something to warm me up when I finally got home. Having been strolling around the house in my brother's spare football socks to fend off the cold, I figured it was time to pick up some slipper socks. Equally, my pjs were looking like offcasts from Victorian orphan so I picked up some novelty replacements. Finally, fancying nothing more than a hot bath, I found my favourite Lush bubble bar 'French Kiss'. Go on, scroll back up. She is a thing of beauty.

Hoping your tootsies are as warm as mine,


Monday, October 6


Brooke Shaden / Tumblr / Marie Clare

Is it too early for a halloween post? No! Every year October gets wished away while we wait for the 31st. The first week of October is already over for one thing, and for another I've seen nightclub halloween events advertised on Facebook starting from next weekend. If you're going to a party or just a fan of the season, there's no time like the present to seek out some spooky vibes.

Firstly, Here are a few low maintenance Halloween manicures for those of you who aren't going to big parties, but still want to get in the spirit.

Frankenstein Nail Art / Jack Skellington Nail Art / UV Monster Nail Art / Lily Allen Nail Art / Essie Nail Polish in Licorice / Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish in Superstar Glitter Show Stopping Copper Flecked Fudge (what a mouthful) 

Next up are a few useful DIY tutorial. Sure, you could buy this stuff in pound land, but does that come with the same sense of achievement and Halloween-y joie de vivre? No. Onto the DIYS.

Makezine's Diabolical Horns / Martha Stewart's Mummy Bandages / Erin @ LaurenConrad.com's DIY Angel Wings / DeliaCreates' Any-Size Witch hat / Instructables' No-Sew Vampire Cape

Finally for today are some ideas for some food-y bits and pieces. If you've got some time on your hands and a party up your sleeve, these are well worth a look.

Country Living's Trick or Treat Cakes / Lauren Conrad's Healthy Graveyard Snacks / Wanderlust and Lipstick's Touch of Evil Martinis / BBC Good Food's Witches Brew (Pea & Bacon Chowder) / Little Dutch Bakery's Voodoo Doll DonutsA Spicy Perspective Chocolate Peanut Butter Spider Cookies / Girl in the Little Red Kitchen's Halloween Candy Bark / My Recipe's Skeleton Cupcakes / Annie's Eats' Halloween Sugar Cookies

Now that's it for today! Coming up this week is a post on some slightly more unique costume ideas and movie recommendations to encourage some Halloween-y vibes into the atmosphere.

Until next time,


Thursday, October 2


I'm wearing a woolly jumper and have touched a conker within the last twenty four hours, which can only mean one thing: October has arrived. Cosy candles at the ready!

I don't know about you, but this is my favourite time of year. Temperate weather and trees facing a technicolour makeover means that I'm more than happy to walk and pick up a pint of milk if I get to kick up a leaf or two along the way.

Who can resist the pure nostalgic quality of the season? September's back to school vibes are fizzling out and instead Halloween lurks around the corner. I have a post coming up with some Halloween inspo as I'm already that keen.

For now, I'll be squirrelling away pine cones to burn on a fire when it gets really chilly. If anyone is after a conker battle, I can sort you right out.

Until next time,