Thursday, September 18


This week I graduated, and that's not something I thought I would ever say.

Anybody who has known me over the past few years (that's family, home-friends and uni-friends) could probably all agree that my university career was never smooth sailing. I told myself to leave from almost the first day I arrived, but could never quite convince myself to follow through. "Wait until the first week is over" quickly became, "the first term", "until Christmas" and "until the end of the first year".

My uni troubles weren't unusual, but at the same time I still never really managed to figure out any solutions beyond just trying to slog on. If I were to start a course tomorrow I could name a hundred things to do differently to be happier, smarter, more settled-- but that's just how it goes.

My life at University never got to be what I hoped it would be, but it doesn't mean there aren't good memories I can take with me as I move on to the next stage of my life.

For one, I made a friend for life-- who only lives forty minutes away! How's that for luck, we can still get Nandos.

For another, nearly a year today I managed to meet someone who has changed my life. 

I think it's fair to say that without him, I probably wouldn't have gotten round to ever putting on my robes. Being on different courses, I even had the privilege of going to his graduation the day after.

I'm cringey, but I'm proud :)

We graduated in the beautiful and historic Canterbury Cathedral, and the pews were filled to the brim with proud family members.

There were no photos allowed during the ceremony, but Sam and I had gone to scope out the scene a few days before.

Having not visited since my university open day, it was a real grounding moment to think how much has changed over three years.

One of my little cousins left for uni at the weekend, and it's so funny to think what I was like back at her age. She's got my number if she needs me, but really I've come to realise that University is all about carving your own path. So really, all I can say is good luck and good bye!

Congratulations to all my fellow grads, hopefully we'll all be okay making our way out into the world. We'll need some good luck too.

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