Monday, September 22


Sometimes I'm sad. Then I go to the zoo.

Last week was a bit of a roller coaster. With my graduation coming up, I was facing a crisis familiar to many undergraduates visiting their university for the last time. The panic, distress, and sadness that follows leaving behind a big chunk of your life.

Fortunately, Sam had the idea to go to the zoo. 

"Colchester has BEARS," he said, and off we went!

Everywhere we turned, 'Year of the Bear' was emblazoned on the walls.

We were very excited by this, is it noticeable? There aren't bears in any other zoo near us so it's fair to say we were buzzing. But first, penguins!

We took a trip through the sea lion tunnel.

And wound up in pingu heaven.

These penguins were less than a foot away from me. With no glass. 

I could have swooned, but there was an army of children in my way.

After a floppy flappy intermission, it was on to the main attraction. Sun bears!

I mean, I love. They're also known as honey bears, meaning this lord and lady are essentially the real life Winnie the Pooh. 

And if life couldn't get any better:

I have about five hundred meerkat pictures on my camera now. I have no purpose for them, but there's a special comfort in knowing they're there. Then it was onwards to Africa!

Well, more or less. You could go and safari and not be this close to an elephant.

Did you know I was a zebra in my school nativity play once? It had a Noah's Ark theme. After a blast from my past, it was onto the kind of animals that would have kept zebra-me up at night.

The scaly things. I can feel my younger self panicking, but really they're quite sweet. Look at this snake tucked up all cosy.

And this lizard in his little green laboratory. Who doesn't love a scientist with a tail? Spidey hung with one and he's an American institution. Therefore, it's unpatriotic not to like lizards.*

*I'm not American, this is actually untrue. Also Curt Conners was ultimately evil so this theory has collapsed.

On the way out, we made our way back to the savannah and I fell in love with this Pygmy Hippo.

^ That ostrich has some dangerous friends.

I could never have anticipated what followed.

You guys, I stroked an Alpaca.

And  a goat.

The zoo had a kind of petting area where you could feed a few animals.

It was heaven. I want these to be the pictures used if I ever go missing and the police need photos.

Steph ♥ Goat 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

I never wanted to leave, but we had bigger fish to fry.

'Did someone say fish?'

(He's a cat, I'm sorry, I've been looking at goats and I'm all overwhelmed.)

After, we settled near these fancy fellas for lunch (french stick and Percy Pigs-- the food of champions).

To burn off some calories, we played some hide and seek afterwards. I don't think this guy knew how to play.

Before we knew it, we had exhausted the whole zoo and it was time to go. All that remained was the gift shop!

We were pretty tired from walking, but still managed to sneak in a trip to Ikea on the way back.

All in all, not a bad pick-me-up after a droopy few days.

(The 'Five Guys' we devoured afterwards didn't hurt either.)

Until next time,


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