Friday, September 19


Despite the predictably unsolicited Indian Summer, my Autumn senses are tingling. For me, the back to school season is epitomised by dank moss, misty mornings and the distinctive twang of 'Sigh No More’.

Yankee Candle / EWM Scarf / Laura Mercier Crème Brûlée Honey Bath / H&M Jumper / New Look Coat / New Look Boots / Alexander McQueen Acorn Choker / John Lewis Makeup Bag / Leanne Shapton Austen Covers

Along with the urge to wander through an Arthurian forest, the changing seasons bring a drive towards items that warm the cockles of my heart. Cosy jumpers, winter coats, and sensible boots to wear with big socks are the liquors for my pains on rainy Autumn days.

With this in mind, I thought I would post a few pictures to get in the mood for when the weather takes its turn for the milder, as well as a few of my picks of the new season crop.

JumperCreature / Woods / Wild  / Rain

Ready to wrap up?Until next time,Stephxxx 

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