Tuesday, September 30


Untitled #82

Morning everyone! Today's post is really just a conglomeration of what's been going on inside my head lately.

In two weeks time it's my anniversary and (should we ever get around to booking it) we're going to Paris! In reality I'm squirrelling away money like Ebenezer to afford it, but that doesn't mean I haven't been planning outfits like mad on polyvore. Timeless monochrome is the name of the game, with some fuzzy comforts thrown in for good measure.

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Monday, September 29


Anyone who has known me for very long knows that when it comes to hair, I can get a bit twitchy. By that I mean that I can't go very long without wanting to chop/dye/twist my hair into something different.

Right now I'm at that point. I need a change, but I'm trying to avoid reaching for the scissors and hacking a fringe (been there) or running to boots and getting the first hair dye that catches my eye (done that). To sate the urge, I've been all over tumblr and pinterest picking and choosing some hair inspiration.

Blonde highlights? Brunette ombre? Fringe? Layers?? Here's hoping all the hair inspo will stop me from making any rash decisions (I can't spend another two years growing out a pixie cut.. I don't have it in me).

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Thursday, September 25


Untitled #76

River Island Light Grey Boucle Oversized Coat / Topshop Bambi Print Mini Skirt / Zara Elastic Ankle Boots / Emma Bridgewater Black Toast Bold Beautiful 1/2 Pint Mug / Lush A French Kiss Bubble Bar / Altuzarra for Target Dress

Hello everybody! Just a bit of a chatty post today to talk about the items clogging up my wish list this September.

Firstly, I have been having an almighty struggle these past few days to track down a particular Primark coat. It's grey, fuzzy and snuggly in all the right places.  Sadly, it's only available in my local hemisphere in sizes four times too big. I've been like a basset hound after blood trying to get my hands on it, and in the mean time I've been developing whiplash whenever a relatively similarly hued coat pops up in my peripheral vision. This cosy River Island number is nearly identical, but even with my 20% off Elle gift card it's three times the price. Feeling woebegone. 

Equally, this Bambi-print mini from Topshop is making me feel better about the constant absent status of their Cara Delevigne collection Leopard print skirt. Curse the people with faster internet than me who keep buying them when they're restocked.

Next, as the mornings have been getting chillier I've been reaching more and more for the things that leave a toasty feeling. My favourite mug from uni (a replacement for my other favourite mug, which was tragically obliterated) has vanished into the depths of my dad's kitchen cupboards, leaving me mooning for a new ceramic buddy. I've long harboured a love for Emma Bridgewater and I can imagine a few items may be popping up on my Christmas list this year.

Just as my mornings are in flux, my evenings are similarly missing a crucial element these days. For me, after working outside all day there's nothing that warms the cockles of my heart like Lush's 'French Kiss' bath bomb. Lavender infused for optimum snooziness, it's been calling out to me for far too long. If they developed a monthly subscription plan for these like Liz Earle offers for their Cleanse and Polish, I would be first on the list.

Next, not to rabbit on about things that I've missed out on, but how did I manage to miss the launch of the Altuzarra x Target collection? I had nearly fifty emails about it in my inbox but somehow it still managed to go straight over my head. This dress was the lone surviving item on my wish list, but I'm at a loss for a place where I could wear it. The immediate place that comes to mind is the casino in Shanghai from Skyfall, but I don't think I'm going there any time soon. More's the pity.

Finally, nothing says Autumn to me like the sudden, commonly reoccurring, all-encompassing urge to buy endless black ankle boots. These Zara numbers have a practical low heel and a point that updates everything it's worn with. Must have.

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Friday, September 19


Despite the predictably unsolicited Indian Summer, my Autumn senses are tingling. For me, the back to school season is epitomised by dank moss, misty mornings and the distinctive twang of 'Sigh No More’.

Yankee Candle / EWM Scarf / Laura Mercier Crème Brûlée Honey Bath / H&M Jumper / New Look Coat / New Look Boots / Alexander McQueen Acorn Choker / John Lewis Makeup Bag / Leanne Shapton Austen Covers

Along with the urge to wander through an Arthurian forest, the changing seasons bring a drive towards items that warm the cockles of my heart. Cosy jumpers, winter coats, and sensible boots to wear with big socks are the liquors for my pains on rainy Autumn days.

With this in mind, I thought I would post a few pictures to get in the mood for when the weather takes its turn for the milder, as well as a few of my picks of the new season crop.

JumperCreature / Woods / Wild  / Rain

Ready to wrap up?Until next time,Stephxxx 

Thursday, September 18