Saturday, August 30


In the summer, some things are inevitable. Day trips to London, for instance.

Having not been for almost a decade, we figured it was time to revisit the Natural History Museum.

We scooted up the escalator and past the giant rocks into the Volcanos and Earthquakes exhibit.

This lead through to more glorious space rocks.

And then onto some taxidermy! Everyone loves a dodo.

And into the main hall to queue for the dinosaur exhibit. The queue was monstrous, and this guy was hardly moving.

 After making our way past hundreds of pushchairs and toddlers, we made it to the main attraction.

Stegosaurus rocking some A/W Balmain spikes.

T-Rex and Triceratops having a tête à tête.

This guy came with his own sound effects.

Afterwards, it was onto the mammals.

 My handsome dad/lovely sisters.

And some Reel Big fish.

Afterwards, we headed to Covent Garden for a long-awaited dinner in Wildwood before heading home with a shopping bag full of History Museum pencils and mugs-- the usual signs that its been a good day. 

See you in another ten years!

(Probably less)


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