Saturday, August 23


I woke up to an unusually blue sky, and that meant brunch. With breakfast on the brain, the first spot that came to mind was one of my favourite places. 

As luck would have it, we had too many errands to make the noontime deadline, so instead braced ourselves for brunch.

I grabbed a slice of their Clementine Ganache cake (the original inspiration for my Jaffa Cake-Cake) with a big mug of tea, and Sam went for a big chocolate brownie and hot chocolate. While we waited for our panini's, we took in the view.

Nothing like some rolling hills in the afternoon! 

^ Excellent sarnie (I got tomato/mozzerella/pesto)

After this, we took a quick mooch into the farm shop, marvelling at the monster shallots, before dipping back out into the sunshine.

A great way to enjoy the weather I think!

Until next time,


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