Sunday, July 6


Topshop Romper / H&M Heels / H&M Necklace

Hi everyone!

Today's post isn't strictly an OOTD, but it's an OOTN that never was. This was originally supposed to be my summer ball outfit, but it got rained off. I had planned to wear this months in advance (you can check the blog archive for evidence) but when it came to the big day the weather was so choppy and naff that I opted for something a bit warmer.

I then brought it on holiday with me with the intention of wearing it both in Venice and Egypt, but neither place wound up being fancy enough to merit a romper and heels. Such is life, there's birthdays coming up so I'm sure this outfit will eventually get its chance in the sun. One day! Until then, I'm  posting it on my blog to prove that it still exists. It was getting a bit too familiar with the back wall of my wardrobe... Where clothes go and never return.

Bye for now!

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