Monday, July 7


Hey everyone!

I hope there are some good mondays lined up for people.

Today I'm wearing one of my favourite summer outfits from Monki. It's actually a two piece and I literally have worn this nearly to death since buying it. It's the perfect 'dress' to style up or down, and today I've gone for more of a laid back look with my H&M sliders.

Rather than a slit up the side it is more of a sarong-style crossover tucked into a waistband, so for modesty's sake I have had to sew a join in the front after a few too many holiday makers got to see my bikini bottoms way outside of the pool. I learned my lesson that night, I'll tell you now.

If I was going anywhere fancier, I might have styled this with some big gold earrings, but for getting on with things this fit the bill pretty nicely.

Until next time,

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