Friday, July 18


Skirt: H&M / Shoes: Topshop Notion Sandals / Cami: New Look

Hello everyone! I'm back, and just in time for a monstrous heatwave. You would think I could cope with the heat after a week in Egypt, but honestly it's not quite the same being in the sun without a lazy river and stream of cold pepsi. First world problems all round.

This morning I decided to keep it easy breezy in a skirt and loose cami top. I snapped a few pictures and then not a moment later the zip of the skirt snapped off. Sadly, this means it has now been retired and I'm once more without an asymmetric croc print skirt-- how am I supposed to go on? H&M, you've let me down.

Here's hoping the clothes drama doesn't last much longer, I'm far too precious with my clothes to bear another snag. I only like my clothes purposefully ripped.

Until next time,


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