Saturday, July 5


Topshop Skirt / Topshop Shoes / Topshop Top

Happy Saturday everybody! I recently bought this skirt for my holiday in Egypt and I actually think I did wear this while I was out there. Oops, outfit repeating. Forgive me for my sins.

The skirt is a Topshop jobby (as is the whole outfit, please add Label Love to my list of sins). the double slit means that it's easy breezy for when it's hot outside but also gives a wide enough range of motion for whatever it is your doing. I've had midi skirts before where I couldn't move my knees which, let's be honest, is not ideal.

The crop top is one of my favourite summer items, I wore the white one to my summer ball and they're honestly so versatile. I think this black one would also look nice under a sheer black blouse or meshy top or something as a layering piece.

Shoes are my Notions again, to be honest I love them because the ankle strap means I'm not shuffling around like an old man in slippers like I am when I wear my sliders. As you can tell, I'm all about ease of motion. It must be all the jogging I do (not).

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