Wednesday, July 2


On the tuesday we decided to add some spice to our Egyptian getaway by jetting off to swim with some dolphins and snorkel above the reefs.

We woke up at the crack of dawn and jumped on the boat feeling like this:


After a while we managed to perk up (relatively speaking, three out of our nine intrepid explorers redecorated the cabin with their sea sickness) and settled down to take in the view.

 After a few hours, we grouped together to track down our snorkelling gear and prepare to jump in.

Sadly that's not a mirror meaning Sam isn't wearing yellow bottoms or sporting a mullet.

I didn't get any pictures of our first dive, and it's probably for the best as it was horrific. The captain spotted a pod of dolphins out the window and essentially threw us off in the middle of the ocean. The sea was rough, I couldn't get the hang of my snorkel and the experience nearly made me pack in the whole snorkelling experience for good.

When we came to our next snorkelling spot, I decided to stay on board and take in the ocean from a distance while our braver swimmers went to test the waters.

 After a few minutes, they came back in a fluster of thumbs up and wide eyed nodding.

Rather than: "Whoops I just drank the whole ocean and my mask came off and I nearly died", this time the general consensus was "OMG, FISHIES!!"

The waters were more still here, meaning that rather than trying to spot sea creatures through six foot waves (exaggeration? Maybe..) we were swimming with tiny tropical fish above a huge coral reef.

After a quick pep talk, I was hooked back in.

 Eventually the gang was all back swimming together, even little Princess Ellie who had been sick nine times got the guts to put on her life jacket. Sadly, before she could jump in the boat hilariously left us all behind for five minutes to cast anchor away from the coral.

 When it eventually returned, we jumped back on board, happy not to be swimming any more but sad to leave behind our new fish friends.

We settled back down again for the journey home, hoping for no more explosive reactions to the journey and feeling a bit wobbly in the knees.

As pretty as the view was from sea, the view from the beach was just as nice.

Really, I was just happy to be back on dry land.


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