Thursday, July 3


Never being a group who would miss the opportunity to sport a fanny packs and hold big maps, we knew that before we left Egypt we would have to visit some of the big tourist attractions.

After waiting nicely for a sunset at dinner the night before, we went to bed early in preparation for our 2:30am departure time.

Our beautiful sunset:

 And the sunrise that followed.

Unfortunately, the rest of our six and a half minibus trip from Hurghada wasn't quite so dreamy. Most of the journey looked a bit like this:

However, all that journeying was soon forgotten when we finally arrived at the Egyptian Museum. It's another one of those 'no pictures inside' jobs, so I just took as many as possible outside.

After this, we jumped back into the crazy Egyptian traffic.

Who needs lanes? Anyway, before we arrived at our next stop we had a quick lunch overlooking the Nile.

I forgot to take any pictures inside the Papyrus museum, but I'm sure you can imagine. Just picture an ancient Egyptian scroll then add some glitter and make it glow in the dark and you get the gist.

After this, it was onwards and upwards to the main attraction-- the Pyramids.

^ Tourist pictures, because really, you have to.

We dragged ourselves back into the minivan for the long return journey, and said goodbye to our last full day in Egypt.

We spent the last day mooching around by the pool and taking advantage of the all inclusive bars with my camera put safely away.

This means that this post is the last of my Egypt series, and the last of my travel posts for probably the foreseeable future!

Until next time,

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